Thursday, 17 November 2016

Introduction to Migration

The human race was not known and spread all around the world, they were in groups far away from each other with an abundance of resources and very limited information about life as we know it. It is because of the curiosity in humans that they started moving and exploring the far lands and this was the first time migration was introduced. During the upcoming of the ancient civilizations people did not have an idea as to where they were how far was the end. No one knew where they were located, as long as they had the resources they required. After humans took up the idea of moving they then discovered that they were not the only ones who had advanced so much and had discovered and invented so much. At those times the trade routes were the only means of transporting anything safely may it be intellect, materialistic goods or even people.

Today we see a lot of different options to move from one place to another with a number of different reasons, in order to understand these reasons and understand the concept of migration we will go through some terms, ideas and theories on the same.

What is Migration?
        Migration is the movement of an individual or a group from one place to another for permanent or temporary residence, usually across a great distance.

What are the different types of migrations?

- Internal Migration
- External Migration
- Emigration
- Immigration
- Forced Migration
- Impelled Migration
- Step Migration
- Chain Migration
- Return Migration
- Seasonal Migration

A little About Each Type
  • Internal Migration: Moving to a new residence that is in the same state as per prior residence. 
  • External Migration: Moving to a new house that is in a different state as per the prior residence. 
  • Emigration: Moving from one country to another 
  • Immigration: Moving into a new country
  • Forced Migration: When a large group is involuntarily moved to a new location 
  • Impelled Migration: Here individuals leave a certain locality because of unfavorable circumstances at their own will.
  • Step Migration: When a group or an individual moves in small steps to reach the final destination 
  • Chain Migration; A group of people migrating is small numbers or individually and slowly regrouping at the destination over a period of time
  • Return Migration: The voluntary movement of immigrants back to their place of origin 
  • Seasonal Migration: The process of migrating regularly or over a period of time in response to work or education. 

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