Thursday, 17 November 2016

More About Migration

People Who Migrate 

Emigrant: One who leaves a country to settle in another.

Immigrant: One who enters the country to reside and start a life.

Refugee: One who has resided outside their country of origin due to fear of events basis of reasons related to race, religion, nationality or any other political reason.

Internally Displaced Person (IDP): A person who is forced to leave their region because of unfavorable condition, but doesn't cross any kind of political borders.

Migration Stream: A group of migrants from another country.

Reasons for Migrations 

  • Push Factors 
  • Pull Factors 

- Push Factors are factors or reasons that are unfavorable and resist one from living a normal life,   (eg; War, food shortage, Famine, natural disasters) 

- Pull Factors are reasons for immigrating because of a advantageous or desirable conditions compared to their current situation. (eg: Job opportunities, high wages, better lifestyle, freedom)

These are the two   

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